Friday, July 18, 2014

They're at it again!

 Saturday, July 5th a dedicated group of mostly retired Pinehaven residents braved the hot temps and blazing sun to knock out another section of jackfence along Highway 20 south of Last Chance.  The Buy-A-Buck campaign was a first for Friends of Harriman State Park with a goal of preserving part of Harriman State Park history. The approximately 3 miles of jack fence along the Yellowstone corridor has served as an iconic landmark to travelers passing through and staying in Island Park since the Harriman family bought the ranch in the turn of the 19th century.  Seeing this jackfence preserved and not replaced with more modern barbed wire is something FHSP is determined to achieve.
The community believes so as well. This project would not be successful if not for the tax deductible  donations and the dedicated individuals that volunteer their time and pour their sweat into the Buy-A-Buck campaign. Because of this strong commitment from the community we are witnessing the replacement of the legendary jackfence along Harriman's Boundary. Truly spectacular!   If you wish to donate click here for more information and if you wish to volunteer your time drop us a line at You will see this dedicated group out there again tomorrow, July 19th and throughout the summer. Honk to say hi on your way by.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Writers At Harriman Applications Being Accepted

Do you know that feeling you get when you start a new book? Not just any book, but a great one, one that will stay with you forever, always there, tucked away in the deepest recesses of your soul. Where you don't know the characters, or the back story, or anything. When you open up to the first page, and begin reading, with only the slightest, if any, idea of what might happen. When the world around you melts away, and the story settles in. When  a feeling of excitement grows in the pit of your stomach. When you're three chapters in, and already hooked. When you fall in love with the characters. When things go terribly wrong, and you haven't the slightest clue how things will go down. When your heart constricts, and your throat tightens. When you can't help but cry, whether it be from joy, or grief, or sorrow. When your hands tremble, and your mind goes blank. When the initial shock fades, and a wave of satisfaction washes over you. That's how I want people to feel after reading my work.

Lily, 11 Grade, Meridian, Idaho

 Writers @ Harriman will be held August 3 through 9, 2014. To apply, students should go

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Signs for Harriman Trails Ready to Go

Photo:Bert Mecham
If you've ever hiked the trails at Harriman State Park of Idaho, you've likely come across one of the 26 signs placed at each intersection displaying a map of the trail network. Over the past several years, Harriman State Park has seen a number of changes on its 28 mile, non-motorized, 4-season trail system rendering the exisiting signs outdated.  Friends of Harriman State Park was awarded $4000 from the US Forest Service RAC grants program to purchase 30 new signs for the Harriman State Park trail network. Signs are mounted and ready for placement along the trail. Harriman staff will be erecting the new trail signs this coming summer and would love some help with this large task. If you would like to volunteer give the park a call at 208-558-7368 for more information.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jim Kemp Rocks the Buck Fence!

Photo:Anne Marie Emery
The Buy-a-Buck project to replace the historic jack fence at Harriman State Park was Friends of Harriman's first project and thanks to the dedication of Jim Kemp (Back left), volunteers, and generous public donations the fence has seen a massive rebuild over the past 4 years.  The above photo was taken on the last fence build day of the 2013 season which reached the east mailbox on Highway 20. Jim and crew rebuilt 900 yards of Jackfence in the 2013 season! The Buy-A-Buck project began at Osbourne bridge on highway 20 in 2008 and headed north along the highway.  Since that time countless volunteers have worked with Jack Fence Coordinator Jim Kemp, R.O.F. to dismantle the old fence and rebuild new fence. Jim has replaced the fence at the Bing Lempke parking area, along the Millionaire's Pool and from Osbourne bridge to the east mailbox.   Jim returns to Island Park every summer and is eager to finish the remaining stretch of fence from the east mailbox north to the tree line however this cannot be accomplished without additional donations to the Buy-A-Buck project.  $100 purchases one section of fence, a "buck", and has the name of choice of up to 30 characters branded on the fence. Currently there is $500 remaining in the Buy-A-Buck fund but $6000 is needed.  A $500 donation will have your name placed in a prominent spot at the east mailbox or Bing Lempke parking and a $1000 donation will have one buck branded at the Millionaires Pool.  If you are interested in donating to this project and help Jim see his mission to completion, you can send a check to FHSP, Box 125, Island Park, ID, 83429.  Please include a note indicating the Buy-A-Buck project and the brand request up to 30 characters.  In memory requests are branded as year of birth - name - year of passing. Friends of Harriman is a non-profit 501.C.3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to volunteer to help build the fence in the 2014 season contact Harriman State Park at 208-558-7368.  Watch the blog for "Brand Days" in the 2014 season, we have had many generous donations thus far and will be branding their names this coming summer.  Thank you Jim Kemp R.O.F for your dedication, sweat, tears and financial support to this project, it's couldn't have been done without you!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

John Muir ADA Trail Notes

Firm Trail Surface after application of Road Oyl

The John Muir ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Interpretive Trail and Fishing Access at Harriman State Park has seen vast improvements this summer thanks to a large team of individuals committed to making this project a reality.  Friends of Harriman was awarded a $5,600 grant from IDPR Recreation Trails Program and received $6,700 in community donations for the Joe Tuplinsky Memorial Fund which provided funds to purchase gravel and Road Oyl for the project.  Midwest Industrial Supply and Island Park Services also contributed by giving substantial discounts to the Road Oyl product and to the gravel base. Thank you Community!! Harriman staff and volunteers provided large amounts of time, equipment and ingenuity to work with this unfamiliar surfacing sap and even resurrected old ranch equipment to spread the gravel base. 
Harriman Staff Spreading Gravel
with Old Ranch Equipment. Photo K.Hobbs
View From Fishing Access
With fall upon us, funds and materials have been exhausted as the John Muir ADA Trail nears completion.  The trail is open, ready for use and looking great but it will require touch up work next summer  to firm up the shoulders and the fishing access.  To do this, FHSP will be seeking additional funds through grants to purchase more Road Oyl so Harriman Staff can apply an additional treatment over the surface of the trail.  Community comments on the trail are welcome and encouraged so we can continue to provide hardy recreational opportunities for the public.  Comments can be sent to  

                                  Enjoy the Trail!
                                                                                       Jodi Stiehl, President, FHSP

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Donation to FHSP will aid in completion of ADA Trail at Harriman!

Friends of Harriman received a very generous donation to the Joe Tuplinsky Memorial Fund from a Last Chance family which has secured funding for the John Muir ADA Trail. Great news for the community as this project not only provides better access for those with special needs to Harriman State Park but it also provides ADA Fishing access to the Henry's Fork River.  Staff and volunteers have been busy working on the base for the 3/4 mile trail that starts at the Visitor Center, loops around through Sage Flat Parking area, follows the Henry's Fork River and ends back at the VC.  Linda Summers, wife of Joe Tuplinsky, has planned a work day this Saturday from 10am to 12pm and has invited anyone interested in helping to build this community trail to come on out and get your hands dirty.  Meet at the Visitor Center parking lot between 9:30 and 10:00am this Saturday, August 3rd with your work gloves, tools with be provided.  This is another great project that is built by the community for the community.

Monday, April 22, 2013

FHSP Secures Partial Funding for ADA Accessible Trail at Harriman State Park

                                 Photo Courtesy of Linda Summers (Joe Tulpinsky & Linda Summers)

FHSP Secures Partial Funding for ADA Accessible Trail at Harriman State Park

Friends of Harriman has been awarded a Recreational Trails Grant through Idaho Parks of Recreation in the amount of $5600 that will "pave" the way to an ADA (Americans with Disablities Act) accessible trail and fishing access at Harriman State Park.  This project was inspired in part by Joe Tulpinsky, pictured above, who loved visiting Harriman daily, and from an increasing number of fishermen requesting more accessible areas to fish the world famous Henry's Fork.  Currently there is only one ADA accessible fishing access on the Henry's Fork located at the Box Canyon boat launch.

The grant will be focusing on improving the John Muir Interpretive Trail, a 3/4 mile loop from the visitor center to Sage Flat Parking area that follows the river and loops back through lodgepole and sagebrush.  Improvements include creating a solid base that complies with ADA standards and resurfacing the trail with a product called Road Oyl.  Road Oyl is a natural, flexible pavement binder emulsion formulated from pine resin and pitch in water.  It penetrates road aggregate and binds to the surface proven stronger than asphalt. Road Oyl is made from all natural ingredients and provides a clean, high bonding strength that can be used in close proximately to wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas.  The ADA fishing access will be located at the Sage Flat Parking area, a long time dream of Mr. Tulpinsky who was an avid fisherman.  Joe passed away January 21, 2013 ( a memorial set up in his memory will be used to purchase a bench at the new fishing access. 

This grant is a great stepping stone for ADA access at Harriman State Park however it will not provide enough funding to complete the trail.  Friends of Harriman is seeking additional grants or donations from the public to purchase the amount of Road Oyl needed to resurface the trail. Road Oyl is $700/55 gallon drum and eleven drums are required for the 3/4 mile trail. If you are interested in contributing to this very important project you can do so by clicking the button on the left and donate via credit card and send a note to with your contact information or you can send checks payable to Friends of Harriman State Park, P.O. Box 125, Island Park, Idaho, 83429.  A tax deductible receipt will be sent to the address you provide.  Harriman State Park also welcomes volunteers to help build the trail, those interested in volunteering can contact assistant manager Bert Mecham at 208-558-7368. A project built by the community for the community. Thanks for your support!